Archetype Activation - Sage (MP3/Zip)

The aim of this unique audio experience is to help you activate the power of the Sage Archetype in your life.

Archetypes are simply a set of very distinctive, easily recognisable character types whose energies reside within each one of us. This track is focused upon the Sage Archetype – the rational, logical, knowledgeable and cautious one who studies, evaluates and investigates the evidence until they are confident they have established the truth.

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These audios have been designed for repeated usage, because the more you hear and practice the character you hear demonstrated, the easier you’ll find it is to express that character, that role, that energy when you most need it.

Each track is then followed by an additional exercise to guide you in the anchoring of the state you’ve attained - so that you can literally trigger it in full force, whenever you might need it – and that without any mental effort on your part. More on that later…

This will help you enormously, because when you are well-practiced in their differing approaches to life’s various challenges, you will have a much greater flexibility in your behaviours and as you

If you’re stuck in some situation, the chances are it’s because you’ve been trying to tackle that situation in your typical way – that is, with an ineffective archetype. 

Change your APPROACH and you will change your RESULTS.

And the best way to change your approach is by

changing the CHARACTER you bring forward.  

This track provides you with powerful, positive descriptions and declarations related to this archetype that you can make your own. As you listen to them, get into the part. Take on the character you hear speaking. This format makes it very easy to repeat the exercise over and over.

This is not just a meditation, it’s an activation! The more you actually EXPRESS the archetype, the stronger it will become in you.


Immediately after each of the main activation tracks there’s an additional exercise that gives you the chance to anchor the state you’ve achieved. To anchor something means to create a connection that your nervous system understands, even if your conscious mind isn’t aware of it.

This anchoring will then provide you with the ability to trigger this state at any time you wish in the future – releasing the energy of that specific archetype when facing a challenging situation – which is incredibly powerful.

The Jester Archetype Audio
Discover the Jester - the Sage's complementary opposite archetype.
Perception is what these two unlikely partners share. Both are regarded as clever, insightful and observant. They also both have a focus on the past - from which they draw their lessons, stories and learnings. Not that they always see eye to eye, however. The Sage's 'Left-Brain' viewpoint often clashes with the Jester's 'Right-Brain' approach.